Let’s get your business up and running.

We provide complete support for cryotherapy and wellness centers around the world to make sure they get off the ground and more importantly, show a return on investment. You’re on your way to a business that will not only benefit others, but will also create the income you’ve been dreaming of. As your partner, we will provide you with all the products and services you will need to make this a successful journey.

When you partner with CryoNext we also perform the following services free of charge:

1) Coordination of Cryotherapy Insurance
2) Coordination of Gas Suppliers
3) Coordination of Financing Plans
4) Demographic Research
5) Keyword Research
6) Real Estate Consulting
7) Additional Modalities Consulting
8) Projection Building
9) City Permits Research
10) Space Planning & Customer Flow
11) Booking System Consultation
12) Marketing Education
13) Sample Model Revenue Projections