The SHARP Cryo Pro II

By Cryoness

Our SHARP Pro II Cryoness Cryotherapy model is a brand new cryosauna that was launched in April of 2015. Our partners, the Asperia Group, based out of Poland, manufacture this specific design and model exclusively for SHARP Industries. This cryosauna is made of high-grade components and is great for any business looking for affordability, ease of use and a cutting-edge design.

Its ergonomic modern design, innovative cooling system, and a large 7” LCD touch screen panel sets it apart from other cryosaunas and offers the operator easy operation. This model will provide any business owner looking to launch its first whole body cryotherapy business, a solution without the high price tag.

This cryosauna is equipped with an electric lift and able to handle up to 500 lbs. and is tall enough to serve individuals up to 6’7”. The cryosauna has a small footprint making it easy to incorporate it into your existing location or to design an efficient space around it. The SHARP Cryo Pro II model is also very easy to assemble and maintain.

» Features

• Power requirements: 230 VAC (or use a 110 volt outlet with a 3000 watt inverter)
• Footprint: 52”x 36”
• Height of the client’s cabin: 74”
• Touch screen display: 7”
• Nitrogen supply from a 22 psi pressurized cylinder or a 50 liter Dewar
• Weight: Approx. 840 lbs.
• Maximum energy consumption 1.5 kW
• 2-year warranty

:: Additional Customization Options

• Nitrogen supply into the cabin can be delivered directly from a pressurized 22 psi cylinder or from a 50 liter Dewar. A pressurized system costs less to operate and is recommended for commercial operations. A system with Dewars will better serve a very small business or a private residence.