The most RELIABLE cryochamber in the industry

With more than 15 years of cryotherapy manufacturing experience the original Cryomed Pro offers features such as a live streaming tablet, remote access, speaker system, LED’s and custom colors.

The CryoMed Cryosauna unit is also equipped with an electric lift used to adjust a user’s height in the chamber area so that the body is submerged at the correct height. During this time, the body is exposed to hyper-cooled nitrogen up to the neck while the head remains safely above the nitrogen line. This enables the user to be in direct sight and contact with the technician, which improves the user’s overall safety and comfort.

For added safety, the Cryomed Cryochamber comes standard with a non-locking pivoting door that can be opened at any time. The door safety sensor shuts off the unit automatically if the door is open for more than three seconds during a session to prevent the room from filling with gasiform air. The unit also features a heated ventilating system to minimize moisture residues and to vent out used nitrogen gasiform air. The geometric design of the inner chamber optimizes convection of cryotherapy temperatures for efficient session results.