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SharpCryo is now CRYONEXT :: The next generation in whole body cryotherapy products & services.

RevoCryo™ is the world’s first portable whole body cryotherapy system using laser-cut aerospace fabrics.

CryoNext is proud to be an authorized partner to this amazing innovation that will revolutionize the whole body cryotherapy industry!

In an industry where currently every option available is large, heavy, consisting of hundreds of individual parts, and using overly complex systems, RevoCryo has positioned itself to be the simple, elegant solution.

Simplicity means less maintenance worries, ease of use, and consistent performance for our CryoNext clients. Simplicity also means a lower cost of entry for newcomers to the cryotherapy industry, as well as a lower cost of expansion for businesses currently in the whole body cryotherapy space.

The American-made materials are designed and engineered to withstand the harshest conditions on Earth, including the summit of Mount Everest, military campaigns and the absolute extremes outside our atmosphere in the aerospace industry, the RevoCryo is not only lightweight, fast and efficient, its engineering and construction is proven to withstand and perform.

Whole Body Cryotherapy - Made in the USA

Turn-key Cryotherapy Business Services

Why go anywhere else when all you need to launch your cryotherapy business is right here. CryoNext is your trusted whole body cryotherapy partner that will help guide you through the entire business startup process and beyond.

Cutting-Edge Cryosaunas

Exclusive distributors of the most advanced whole body cryotherapy cryosaunas in the industry using Siemens, Cisco and Apple technology for added quality and safety for your cryotherapy / wellness business.

Extended Cryo Maintenance

Most cryosaunas come with a 2-year warranty, but what happens after that? Ensure that your cryotherapy business doesn’t experience down-time with our Extended Cryotherapy Warranty Program (ECWP).

Jumpstart Package

Our exclusive ‘Jumpstart Package’ is a cryo/wellness business launch kit that includes everything you need to start your business on the right track with an extensive 3-week business plan program, brand development and booking-ready website.

Leading Cryotherapy Manufacturers

Select from our collection of the best cryosaunas that the cryotherapy industry has to offer.






CryoNext is proud to provide the Float Pod®, a revolutionary product for the wellness industry – truly unparalleled for relaxation, pain relief, and improved sleep. With a solid fiberglass frame, a beautiful gelcoat finish, and an exotic door, the Float Pod® is the leading flotation pod in the industry with quality and customization.

The Float Pod® is the first mass produced floatation therapy product in the United States. The Float Pod® is backed by 30+ years of unmatched experience and reliability. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Float Pod®.

See the Float Pod® at work inside the Chicago Cubs’ brand new training facility.